Hair extensions have been used almost since the beginning of recorded history and are still popular. However, today wearer’s can choose from a wide variety of extensions, including weaves, which may be made from artificial or human hair. Although millions of women around the world love them, anyone considering buying extensions should do their homework first.

Weaves Are a Special Kind of Hair Extension

The term extension describes any kind of artificial hair that is added to natural hair. However, in everyday language the word extensions often describes additions that are taped, glued, clipped or micro linked to natural strands. In contrast, weaves are specific kinds of extension that are sewn into braided hair. They last for about 6-8 weeks and are available in hundreds of styles, colors and lengths. Although most are sewn directly to natural braids, customers can choose a lace weave which includes a cap that extensions are attached to. In short, all weaves are extensions, but not all extensions are weaves.

Weaves Have Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Hair weaves have become one of the most popular styling aids in the world, especially among celebrities. With the use of weaves styles can be changed quickly and dramatically. Nevertheless, anyone considering extensions should weigh their pros and cons.

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Natural hair extensions come from donors all over the world, making it easy to find a color and texture for anyone.
Weaves add instant length and glamour and make changing styles easy.
Removing sewn in weaves can be painless and there is no tape or glue to deal with.
Weaves are easy to style, which can save natural hair from harsh treatments.


Stylists need to make a lot of very tight braids before sewing in weaves and the process is painful for some customers.
Perfectly matched human hair weaves can be expensive.
Poor quality or badly applied weaves can look fake.

Many women with beautiful, flowing hair owe their good looks to hair weaves. The popular styling aids may be made from synthetic or natural human hair. Although they solve many styling problems, weaves can be expensive and painful to apply and low quality products do not look natural.

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